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Welcome to my site. My name is Bennett McCavanaugh. I would like to talk to you about the exciting sport of lacrosse. When I first picked up my lacrosse gear, I was confused about how the game would work. In particular, I was unsure about what my role on the field would be exactly. Luckily, I was able to watch a few games and see how the players interacted. My coach also helped us learn about our roles on the field. I would like to use this site to talk about the different ways lacrosse players use the field and their gear. Please visit often to learn all you can about this fun sport.



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Talking About Lacrosse Principles and Gear

How To Master Badminton Footwork

by Julia Hart

Proper footwork is one of the most essential parts of playing badminton correctly. If you do not have proper footwork, you will not be able to move quickly toward the ball and you will also not be able to hit the ball with the right amount of power.

Stay Light On Your Feet

Always bend your knees slightly and stay on your toes. This will allow you to be lighter so that you can move much more quickly when the shuttle travels in an unexpected direction and you have to change direction suddenly. Try to bounce somewhat when moving across the court.

Learn to Move in All Directions

You are required to move in all four directions and diagonally when playing badminton. You may feel comfortable moving forward, but you will need to perform drills where you must move in other directions so that you can feel comfortable no matter what direction you are moving. When practicing, do not look in the direction you are moving. Most importantly, you will need to practice taking large steps backwards so you can prevent the shuttle from flying over your head.

Practice Shuffling

Most of your footwork will involve shuffling. This will allow you to move across the badminton court more quickly. You will step sideways either left or right. Make sure that your legs are always square with your body. Do not look in the direction you are moving, but instead focus on the net.

Return to the Base Position

You will want to know the base position because you will want to return to this position whenever you are not in the process of hitting the shuttle. When you see an opportunity to hit the shuttle, shuffle toward it. Then, rather than staying in the same location of the shuttle, one of the most common mistakes, you should instead return quickly to the base position so you won't have to travel as far if the shuttle is hit to the other side of the court.

Master Jumping

Jumping is an advanced form of footwork that allows you to cover more area. Jump off with one or both feet and land with both feet so you can distribute the shock from jumping to both of your knees. Jump when you believe you cannot shuffle to the shuttle fast enough.

Wearing the right shoes will help you improve your footwork. If the shoes are loose or are simply not designed for badminton, you will be more likely to trip. Click here for more information about badminton shoes.