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Welcome to my site. My name is Bennett McCavanaugh. I would like to talk to you about the exciting sport of lacrosse. When I first picked up my lacrosse gear, I was confused about how the game would work. In particular, I was unsure about what my role on the field would be exactly. Luckily, I was able to watch a few games and see how the players interacted. My coach also helped us learn about our roles on the field. I would like to use this site to talk about the different ways lacrosse players use the field and their gear. Please visit often to learn all you can about this fun sport.



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Talking About Lacrosse Principles and Gear

Tips For Choosing Your First Electric Bike

by Julia Hart

For the most part, an electric bike has plenty of similarities to traditional bicycles, except for one very important factor — it has a motor. The motor gives the bicycle a great deal of power, which can change your rider experience. If you are considering an investment in one of these unique bikes, make sure you know what to look for.

Pedal Style

Pay attention to the pedal configuration of the bike, as there are several options to select from. A more popular option is the pedal assistance. With this feature, the motor is not activated until the user begins pedaling, so there is no on or off button, per se. Consequently, you will have to exert a little more physical energy when riding. 

A throttle bike is another popular option. These bikes do not require pedals to activate the motor. Instead, the user controls the power and speed of the bike by adjusting the throttle. It is worth noting that there are bikes that offer both options.

Riding Style

Similar to a traditional bike, it is helpful to at least have a general idea as to what type of riding style you want to enjoy. Mountain bikes and street bikes are just a couple of options. If you do not make the right selection, it can hinder your riding experience, so you want to choose wisely. 

For instance, attempting to ride a street bike in an off-road terrain can lead to stability issues and a dangerous ride. There are additional style features to consider, such as whether or not you want a folding bike. If you are someone who takes public transportation often or has limited space, a bike with this feature can be especially helpful.

Speed Options

One of the more important factors to keep in mind is the speed capabilities of the bike. How fast the bike can go is often based on the pedal style of the bike. Generally, pedal-assist bikes have a lower maximum speed setting, and since the motor disengages when you stop pedaling, it is easier to slow down. 

Throttle bikes on the other hand can generally reach much higher speeds. If you are purchasing the bike for an inexperienced rider, you may want to take a little extra time deciding between the two options. However, for the long-distance rider, the speed boost is helpful.

Keep all these tips in mind as you search for a new electric bike to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for.