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Welcome to my site. My name is Bennett McCavanaugh. I would like to talk to you about the exciting sport of lacrosse. When I first picked up my lacrosse gear, I was confused about how the game would work. In particular, I was unsure about what my role on the field would be exactly. Luckily, I was able to watch a few games and see how the players interacted. My coach also helped us learn about our roles on the field. I would like to use this site to talk about the different ways lacrosse players use the field and their gear. Please visit often to learn all you can about this fun sport.


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Talking About Lacrosse Principles and Gear

A Quick Guide To Tile And Rolled Home Gym Flooring

by Julia Hart

A comfortable floor is one of the essential elements of a home gym as you stand for prolonged periods of time, do floor exercises like yoga, or go through high-impact training. When you shop for home gym rubber flooring, you will typically choose between either tiled rubber flooring or rolled rubber flooring.

Follow this quick guide to determine the best options for your home gym and the benefits of each flooring style.

Empty Room Options

If the room is completely empty and ready for a home gym remodel, then you may have an easier time with the placement of a rolled rubber flooring. Purchase a flooring size close to the room size to lay out the flooring and ensure the whole space is covered.

If the room has natural obstacles, then you may want to choose tiled flooring. For example, if the room has support beams, then you can easily connect the tiles to go around the beams and offer extra support.

Gym Equipment

If you have gym equipment like a treadmill or exercise bike, you may need to place the equipment on a soft surface. You could use a rolled rubber mat in just half of the room and leave the other half for gym equipment. You could also use tiled mats to create a workout area and leave open spaces within the tiles for all of your equipment.

Intense Workouts

If you plan to do high-intensity workouts in the home gym, then consider using a single rubber matter. While tiles offer secure connections, you do not need to worry about the tiles coming apart if you sprint, lunge, or perform at high speeds. With a rolled gym mat, you can secure the mat to the floor of the room and have a secure area to complete workout tasks.

Wall Options

Tile floor pieces are not just ideal for the floor. You could also take tile pieces and easily connect them to a wall. The wall pieces are ideal for doing various wall position exercises like wall push-ups or yoga poses. The tile sizes allow you to make the wall covers as big or small as you need.

Colored Areas

If you want to designate different areas of your floor to specific sections, then considered using tile home gym rubber flooring. Purchase tiles in different colors to designate areas of the gym. For example, you may have a blue area dedicated to a yoga space and a red area ideal for fast-moving cardio or free weights.

Play around with options to determine the best choices for your home gym. Every room is different the final design is what ultimately suits you best.