Talking About Lacrosse Principles and Gear

Talking About Lacrosse Principles and Gear

Trophy Elk: Subtle Tips That Work

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Bagging a trophy elk can be a lifelong ambition. Not only are these animals incredibly elusive, but they have also developed a weariness of humans in many of the most hunted areas in North America. Here’s a quick guide you to harvest a trophy elk: Mind the Tree Line To avoid predators, while having access to easy access to grass, most elk spend their time meandering between areas slightly above and below the tree line (or timberline). This boundary occurs at the altitude where trees can no longer grow. In the Colorado Rockies, timberline starts at between 11,000 and 12,000 feet. Regardless of where you hunt, finding and stalking the treeline is a way to consistently find bigger trophy elk. Dawn and Dusk For much of the day, elk rest in densely overgrown bushes, shrubs, and trees. Even if you manage to find them during the day they aren’t likely in areas with an actionable line of sight. Thus, it’s critical to stalk elk while they’re on the move. Elk are most mobile at dawn and dusk. For elk hunters, this means moving into position before dawn and dusk occur. If possible, camping near an area where you’ve observed elk or seen signs of elk drastically increases your odds of finding elk when they’re on the move. Stop and Listen The act of hunting is a balanced mix of movement and stillness. Unfortunately, hunters often forget the necessity of each act. When you’re on the move, you should stop periodically and listen. While you listen, attempt to detect subtle changes: the snap of a broken twig, the susurration of grass in the wind, etc. Setting a silent timer on your phone or watch to vibrate every 15 to 20 minutes is an effective way to remember to stop and listen periodically.  Go Fresh and Natural The market for “hunting olfactory suppressors” is rife with many products that promise to make your scent invisible to trophy elk. You can save yourself some money by simply suppressing your scent naturally. When you wash your hunting gear, choose a scent-free detergent. The same principle holds true for shampoo, body wash, and cologne. In the days preceding your hunt, avoid the normal personal grooming products that you normally use. Ditching these products makes purchasing “scent suppressors” unnecessary.  Successfully hunting a trophy elk requires skill and some subtle tricks that allow you to stalk your trophy more effectively. For more information, talk to a professional like Montana...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your Own Brunswick Bowling Ball

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If you are someone that bowls often, or if you are someone who wants to get into bowling, then you should definitely consider getting a Brunswick bowling ball of your own. When you initially pick out your bowling ball, you will have several different balls that you can look at and choose from. This will help you to find the perfect bowling ball for your bowling game. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should purchase your own Brunswick bowling ball.  You Always Have The Ball You Need  One great reason for getting your own Brunswick bowling ball is that it allows you to have the correct bowling ball when you are bowling. If you go bowling and rent a bowling ball, there is a possibility that there isn’t going to be a ball that is the correct weight for you. And if there is a ball there that is the correct weight, you run the risk that the finger holes are going to be the wrong size. This can definitely throw off your bowling game and make it difficult for you to try and bowl with the proper wind up and bowling ball throw.  You Can Customize Your Ball Another reason to purchase your own bowling ball is that it allows you to customize it. Not only can you get the proper size and finger holes, but you can also customize several other things as well. You can customize your ball to work best for you if you are left-handed, which is especially nice because left-handed bowling balls are incredibly difficult to find at bowling alleys. Also, you have the ability to customize the color of your ball, as well as the writing on it. You can have your name or nickname on it, your favorite sport’s teams logo, your favorite quote, a picture of your kids, or anything else that you can think of.  You Can Improve Your Game When you use the same Brunswick bowling ball each time that you go bowling, your bowling game is likely going to improve. You aren’t having to compensate for using a new ball each time, which will allow you to develop a style and rhythm to your bowling that works with your bowling ball. This is great if you are competitively bowling because you can bring your bowling ball and use this same style of bowling at all of your competitions.  For more information, talk to a professional like Bowler...

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Clever Gift Ideas For The Active Woman

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Give that special lady in your life something thoughtful and personal. This doesn’t have to be a pricey piece of jewelry or a designer dress, but could be something far less expensive. Take some time to consider unique ways to present your gift, and use the recipient’s interests to find something unexpected and appreciated. Some gift ideas for that special lady include these ideas: For the gal that golfs. Give a golf-lover a gift that they can play with; consider visiting golf retailers and sites to find the perfect ladies golf bag for your special gal. If you really want to impress her, fill it with some of her favorite golfing accessories and novelties. Some things to fill her golf bag with are: Monogrammed golf balls or golf tees. A great golfing visor. Divet tools. A personalized golfing towel to hang on her bag. Golfing socks or footies to wear. Golf-themed merchandise, such as mugs, trinkets, or collectibles. An umbrella that attaches to the golf bag. A ball retriever tool. Golfing apparel, such as tees or shorts.  Talk to a business like Sassy Caddy for more help. For a lady who landscapes. Foster a love of gardening with a gift that is intended to create a beautiful landscape. Pick up a cute watering can, pair of rain-boots, or a wheelbarrow and fill it with some things that will help the yard and garden bloom. Some gardening goods that any girl will love include: Packets of seeds or wildflower mixes.  Gardening tools, such as trowels, rakes, and spades. Gloves or a gardening apron. Potted plants or seedlings. Garden markers. Solar lights. Fertilizing stakes.  Wind-chimes. For females that enjoy fashion. Keep your lady looking stylish with a gift that speaks to her love of fashion. Since it may not be feasible to pick out an outfit or buy apparel, consider giving her some things that she can use to accent her existing wardrobe and clothing. Fill a purse, clothes hamper, or stylish trunk with some awesome accessories: Beautiful hangers, scented sachets, or a lint-brush. Colorful scarves, novelty socks, or intimate lingerie. Jewelry cleaner, jewelry pouches, or a jewelry box. Cosmetic bags, a great hair brush, or a compact mirror. Put some thought into the gifts that you give, and try a unique presentation to make it even more special. Consider these ideas to please a special woman in your life, and to give a gift that will please and touch your...

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Want To Help Adults At Your Local Shelters Get Employment? Transportation Drives That Pay Off

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Would you like to help the local shelters in your areas with their determination to help adults in your area find jobs? If so, providing ways for the adults to get to work when they get a job that isn’t within walking distance of the shelter or their housing is ideal. It can be hard to find reliable transportation if you can’t afford your own vehicle and giving the adults a way to get to work is giving them another chance to succeed. Here are a few things to consider. Raise Money for Bus Passes You can collect money, have fundraisers and ask for bus pass donations to get busing passes for the adults that can use the bus system as a form of transportation. This is ideal when the weather is cold, and when they have to travel long distances at night and can’t walk. There are some passes that have a specific amount of days they can be used, other cards that have money loaded on them like an account, and unlimited access cards. Do a Used Bicycle Donation Drive You can have a used bicycle donation drive, where people in your area bring in their bikes that are used, even if they need repairs. Evaluate the bikes to see which models need work. You can pay to have the bikes repaired at a local bike shop out of your pocket, or do a fundraiser to pay to have the bikes repaired. With the repaired and tuned-up bikes, the adults can maintain their health and get to their new place of employment at the same time. Giving bike locks with the bikes may also be a fundraising goal. Click here for more information about bike repair. Taxi Money If there are local taxi companies in the area that are willing to cooperate, you can purchase rides for anywhere in the city. Pay for the booklets of coupons for the adults that are in the program to use. They will give the cab driver their coupon when they reach their destination and it’s time to pay. Since you’re buying booklets and rides in advance, the taxi company may be able to work out a deal with you. These are just a few of the ways that you can raise money and help the adults in your area who are trying to get a new start, get to where they need to begin their new journey. Make a committee and start working with the local charities and shelters to make it...

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Tips For Tackling Your First Gun Store Trip

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If you’re considering buying your very first firearm, a local gun store is a great place to start. Not only will a visit to the gun store give you the chance to see first-hand what your options are, it will also allow you the chance to determine which style of gun fits your hand and your preferences best. If you’re not very familiar with firearms, don’t let the idea of visiting a gun store intimidate you. Here are a few tips to help you get through that first visit with confidence. Understand the Basics First If you’ve never spent much time around firearms or you’re just learning about proper gun handling and safety, there are a few things you’ll want to remember about handling guns – even in a gun store. Always expect the gun to be loaded. Many people go into a gun store for the first time assuming that since the guns are in display cases and on shelves, they’re not loaded. That’s no excuse to handle the gun as though it’s not. Always treat it as though it’s loaded, for your safety and everyone else’s. That means you keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, and don’t pull the trigger to “dry-fire” without validating that there is no bullet in it. Additionally, always point it toward the floor, even if you’re just checking the sights. Always clear the weapon, even if the salesperson did it before handing it to you. Yes, most salespeople in a gun store will check the gun to make sure it’s not loaded. They’ll open the action and ensure that there’s no bullet in it. Even if you watch the salesperson do this, do it yourself, too. The second set of eyes is a good safety measure, and it gives you the chance to see how you clear the weapon before you buy one. Ask the associate to walk you through the process if you’re not sure how to do it. Expect the Staff to Be Carrying You don’t go into a jewelry store without expecting that the sales staff will be wearing some of the merchandise, right? Most clothing stores have staff that wear the product lines. Gun stores are no different. Most gun store employees are also gun enthusiasts, so it’s natural to expect them to carry. Don’t let the number of openly carried guns in the store make you nervous. These are people who are in the business of gun sales, safety and education, so they know how to safely handle the piece in their holster. Ask the Staff for Guidance The sales staff in a gun store typically works in the field that they do because they’re passionate about it. For that reason, they’re a great resource to help new gun shoppers. Tell an associate in the store that you’re new to firearms, explain what you do know already and ask him or her for guidance to choose the right gun for you. They’ll want to know what you’re buying the gun for to help you select the right one for your needs. Most will even take the time to provide you with some basic gun education information and answer any questions you might have. Don’t let your first venture into a gun store...

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Three Outside-The-Box Trophy Ideas To Add Fun To Your Business Retreat

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Annual business retreats are an ideal way to boost the morale of your workforce. Regardless of your industry, getting your employees away from the office for a day to develop strategies for the future, get to know each other outside of work and celebrate recent successes can have your team pumped up and ready to succeed. One effective way to show your appreciation for your staff members is by giving out trophies to recognize those who go above and beyond. Although trophies such as those for the top salesperson are common, you can also creatively honor the special members of your team. Here are three ideas. Best Teammate Many employers view their organizations as a team, so following this sports feeling and recognizing the person who best exemplifies the characteristics of a teammate is ideal. Think of someone who fills in when a co-worker is away, works extra hours without complaining and volunteers to take on large projects when they’re presented. Then, visit a custom trophy store to find a suitable trophy and have the plaque engraved with “Best Teammate,” the year and the staff member’s name. You could also get a corresponding plaque to hang in the office that you update each year with the winner’s name. Multiple Hat Wearer Several workplaces have a certain someone who tends to tackle a variety of duties beyond his or her job description, and this person can be a true asset to any organization. Whether it’s volunteering to help others with their computer problems, constantly filling the copier with paper and replacing the ink toner, baking cookies for colleagues’ birthdays or putting together a company newsletter to raise morale, this person’s versatility makes him or her an asset deserving of recognition. It’s often said that this person wears multiple hats, so play on this angle and recognize the person with a trophy — ideally, it should be of a figure wearing a hat. Heavy Lifter Every office has someone who isn’t afraid to figuratively get his or her hands dirty and handle the tough tasks. Whether it’s approaching a challenging advertising client, volunteering to draft a lengthy document or volunteer to add to his or her workload by managing a college intern, this person is sometimes called the “heavy lifter” around the office. You can address this fun nickname by finding a trophy with a muscular figure, perhaps the type given during fitness contests, and engrave it with the person’s name, “Heavy Lifter” and the year. Contact a local trophy supplier, like Washington Trophy Center, to find the perfect way to recognize your hardest working team...

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How To Master Badminton Footwork

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Proper footwork is one of the most essential parts of playing badminton correctly. If you do not have proper footwork, you will not be able to move quickly toward the ball and you will also not be able to hit the ball with the right amount of power. Stay Light On Your Feet Always bend your knees slightly and stay on your toes. This will allow you to be lighter so that you can move much more quickly when the shuttle travels in an unexpected direction and you have to change direction suddenly. Try to bounce somewhat when moving across the court. Learn to Move in All Directions You are required to move in all four directions and diagonally when playing badminton. You may feel comfortable moving forward, but you will need to perform drills where you must move in other directions so that you can feel comfortable no matter what direction you are moving. When practicing, do not look in the direction you are moving. Most importantly, you will need to practice taking large steps backwards so you can prevent the shuttle from flying over your head. Practice Shuffling Most of your footwork will involve shuffling. This will allow you to move across the badminton court more quickly. You will step sideways either left or right. Make sure that your legs are always square with your body. Do not look in the direction you are moving, but instead focus on the net. Return to the Base Position You will want to know the base position because you will want to return to this position whenever you are not in the process of hitting the shuttle. When you see an opportunity to hit the shuttle, shuffle toward it. Then, rather than staying in the same location of the shuttle, one of the most common mistakes, you should instead return quickly to the base position so you won’t have to travel as far if the shuttle is hit to the other side of the court. Master Jumping Jumping is an advanced form of footwork that allows you to cover more area. Jump off with one or both feet and land with both feet so you can distribute the shock from jumping to both of your knees. Jump when you believe you cannot shuffle to the shuttle fast enough. Wearing the right shoes will help you improve your footwork. If the shoes are loose or are simply not designed for badminton, you will be more likely to trip. Click here for more information about badminton...

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Want To Do A Sport Using Knives? Become A Knife Thrower

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Sports in which you use knives are alluring, because there are not many sports where knives are the primary tool used. Below is information about one type of sport you can do, which is knife throwing. Become an expert in this sport and you will amaze your friends and family, because it is likely that not many people you know will be able to do it: Knife Throwing If you choose the sport of knife throwing, you will stand in front of a wooden bullseye and throw your knife so that it sticks in it. You will likely start out at a short distance, and then slowly increase it. This may sound like it is something easy to do, but you will quickly find that it is difficult. There are different throw styles you can learn, such as spinning, no spinning, straight, and spear. Because this is a very dangerous sport, it is important that you get some training before you go outside and start throwing knives. Talk with an employee at a store that sells knives, who may know of training in your area, or you can find training videos online. There are different types of throwing knives you can purchase, and what you choose depends on the type of throwing you want to do. For example, there are knives that are specially made for spinning, those that resist breaking and bending, and made specifically for knife throwing competitions. Once you learn how to throw a knife at your target, you can start hitting the bulls-eye. Sharpening Your Knife You have to keep your throwing knife sharpened so that it will stick into the bulls-eye. Because most throwing knives have a double-edged blade, it is best to use a slot sharpener. You can purchase a slot sharpener at most knife shops or online. Place it on the table or some kind of flat surface, and secure it in place with you hand. Set the blade of the knife in the slot as close to the knife handle as you can. Pull it towards you, then back to the starting position, and repeat approximately five times. When you are finished, turn the blade over, and sharpen the other side in the same manner. If you do not want to do it yourself, you should be able to find knife sharpening services in your area, or the company you purchase your knife from may sharpen knives. Once you get good at knife throwing, you should consider entering some competitions in your area to show off your talent. To learn more, contact a company like Al & Bob’s Sports with any questions you...

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Spikeless Shoes: A Golf Trend That Is Sticking Around

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For a long time, the only type of spike you could get on a golf shoe was a long metal one. But in the 1990s, the combination of new technology to design effective plastic cleats and the enthusiasm of greenskeepers who disliked the way traditional spikes marred their greens led to widespread adoption of soft spikes. Now, 20-some years later, plastic spikes are giving way to… no spikes at all. Spikeless golf shoes have nubs that provide traction without the clunkiness of big plastic cleats. Increased Popularity of Spikeless Golf Shoes Many golfers first became aware that spikeless shoes were an option when PGA Tour professional Fred Couples wore a pair to play in the 2010 Masters. The shoes got a lot of attention for their style — lighter and more comfortable looking than your average golf shoe. After that, sales of spikeless shoes began to increase. Once responsible for less than 10 percent of all golf shoe sales, by 2013 they accounted for nearly half of all golf shoes sold. Benefits of Spikeless Golf Shoes They’re lighter weight and more comfortable. You don’t have to change your shoes as often. You can wear your spikeless shoes to drive to the course, play, and then go into the clubhouse for lunch. Advances in technology mean that shoe manufacturers can better analyze where and how traction is needed and design shoes that have different sized nubs as needed. In fact, spikeless shoes can deliver more traction than spiked shoes in wet conditions because grass doesn’t collect in between the spikes. You never have to swap out worn cleats. Although you may need to purchase shoes more often, with the cost of spikes and the recommendation to change them out every 10 to 15 rounds, you may be pretty even in the costs. Golfers with arthritis or other knee and ankle conditions may actually benefit from having less grip, because they don’t have as much stress on their legs during the swing if there’s a little more “give.” They are slightly less expensive. A Golf Datatech survey done in February found that traditional shoes averaged $94.20 per pair, while spikeless were $88.56. With spikeless shoes seeing such popularity over the past few years, they seem to be more than just a trend. Almost all major golf shoe manufacturers have options that mimic running and minimalist shoes as well as more structured options. Try a pair and see if the comfort and wearability are right for you. To learn more about golf apparel, contact a company like The Golf...

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Three Factors To Consider When Choosing A Golf Instructor

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Learning how to play golf correctly can be the difference between giving up the sport in frustration after a couple rounds or making it a cherished hobby that you can enjoy for decades. And often, the best way to get favorable results on the course is to hire a instructor to help you with the ins and outs of the game. When you’re picking the right golf instructor, look for one who has the necessary credentials, a temperament that works with your personality style and who uses the latest teaching aides to help students. Look for a Certified Teacher The PGA (The Professional Golfers’ Association of America) itself warns against pairing up with a golf enthusiast who claims to be a teacher. Many people can share insights about the sport, but you’re far better off finding a licensed PGA or LPGA teaching professional. The select group of people who hold this title must pass vigorous tests themselves and have experience working at golf clubs and even playing the sport professionally. They also must re-certify regularly, which ensures they’re up to date on the game’s latest teaching trends. Consult the PGA or LPGA websites for a list of certified instructors or ask any potential instructor who advertises locally to provide proof of his or her expertise. Personal Connection You don’t need to be best friends with your instructor– in fact, it’s often ideal if you keep the relationship completely professional. However, you should work with an instructor who teaches in a way that’s conducive to your personality. Some golfers need someone to light a fire under them and be quick to correct upon making a mistake. Others, however, prefer a gentler approach from an instructor who offers a kind, friendly word when the golfer makes a miscue. Aligning yourself with an instructor, like those at Monticello Country Club, who will push you– but not make you feel discouraged for the growing pains you experience– can help you stay engaged with the sport. Benefit From Technology When searching for a golf instructor, always opt for one who uses video swing analysis. This teaching aide is prevalent among instructors, and makes a world of difference when you’re tying to understand your swing. If a prospective teacher doesn’t use video swing analysis, it’s a hint that the person isn’t up on the latest teaching trends. When you and your instructor watch your swing on video, you’ll be able to notice the subtle elements that a skilled instructor notices but might have difficulty correcting without video proof. Video swing analysis isn’t a replacement for a good instructor, though, and your teacher shouldn’t rely solely on this...

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